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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Spring Hill Neighborhood
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The dining room of the house taken from the front entry. Contains an antique chandelier, large pocket doors, wood floors, oak fire place. To the left is an 7' wide window. Photos also show unfurnished. Bottom photo is looking from dining room into living room.
Living Room: Contains an ornate chandelier, built in book case with beveled glass, a bay window (1 window not showing), wood floors, oak fireplace, and 3 doorways with pocket doors into the room. The room is now painted a lighter white shade.

Unfurnished photos
Another living room view
Fireplace detail in Living Room
More fireplace detail.
The stained glass window in the foyer.
Entryway. Hallway carpet has just been replaced.
Stairwell detail
Inside front door
Outside front door
Front of house (winter).
Front of the house from across the street. (Summer)
The kitchen: Contains an abundance of custom built cabinets and workspace. The sink/dishwasher, cabinets and ceramic tile countertop are out of the picture to the right along with some open shelves for display or storage. Beyond the refrigerator is a walk in pantry. Behind the door to the left is a small seating area. The kitchen walls have since been painted almost a granny smith apple green - a welcome touch of color.

Unfurnished photos of kitchen
Kitchen cabinets - you can see the new wall paint in this photo.
Kitchen penninsula
Kitchen Floor
Kitchen glass cabinet. I found the doors stored under the front porch when I bought the house. I began to strip them for paint, but decided to leave as is.
Some open shelving in kitchen.
Kitchen paint color.
Paneling in hallway and 1st floor bedroom.
Master bedroom
Another bedroom on second floor although we use as a family room.
Upstairs bath (couldn't get a full view of bathroom. Original black and white tiles. Huge bathtub/shower.
Downstairs full bathroom with tub and shower. Again couldn't get a full picture of the room.

Front planting area. Two trellises contain climbing roses and clematis with a mixed shrub border. At the front are ornamental strawberry plants which do provide a few delicious strawberries.

You can see two of the low voltage accent lighting fixtures scattered strategically throughout the yard.

A portion of the magnolia tree in springtime.
The back porch.
The back porch. The arbor to the right is no longer there.

Raspberries in the garden. One variety ripens over a month and gives up to 5 pints a day at the peak.

The other variety planted is everbearing and provides raspberries from August through frost.

Other perenials in the garden include asparagus, herbs, rhubarb, strawberries, and currants.

The water garden from the porch. The water garden contains fish, water lilies, and a variety of plants.

The water garden is ideally situated right off the back porch and is visible from the kitchen. At night if you have the windows open, it sounds great as you're drifting off to sleep.

The main waterfall has about a 2 foot drop. You can just make out some blooming yellow water irises.
Looking down on the water garden from the upper part of the yard.
Another view from the porch.
The vegetable garden in spring. The back yard has three tiers. The upper tier has raspberries at the far end, vegetables and a herb garden (just visible at the bottom left) that contains mint, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, sage, etc. The tier just to the right has more raspberry bushes (just to the right of the hose), more vegetables spots and some roses. The lowest tier (not pictured) contains a flower cutting garden with irises, poppies, daisies, etc. and strawberries.
Winter looking from the second floor master bedroom.
A winter sunrise looking from one of the second floor front rooms. There is a church across the street and this is it's bell cupula.
The side yard underneath the European Linden tree. Great shade. We now have a small (3 feet) ornamental fence running from left to right between the furniture and the tree to keep the dogs contained. Looks like it's been there forever.
This was just after I put in a shade garden with hostas, ferns, mountain laurel, etc. under the magnolia tree. There are uplights on the magnolia tree so it looks very dramatic at night - especially in the wintertime.
Looking toward the back porch and back yard from under the magnolia tree.
Toward the back porch. The water garden starts off the picture to the left and cascades through a stream to the bottom level.
The sidewalk going to the back porch from the front. There's a small ornamental fence/gate here now.
A small walkway going from the back porch area to the upper side yard. The walkway is lined with ferns, hostas, bleeding heart, etc. There's also decorative low voltage lighting along the path.
Looking from the front yard through the side yard. The new fence runs left to right behind the linden tree and hostas.
Here's the fence now. Tree in previous picture is to the left.
A small shade garden tucked in at the front corner of the yard contains ferns, hostas, sweet woodruff, daffodils.
Some visitors. We've also had turkeys, hawks and owls in the yard. And a steady stream of birds are drawn to the bird feeders in the winter. There are also some birdhouse throughout the yard. The yard is certified as a National Backyard Wildlife Habitat.
Part of the cutting garden.
Just planted flower boxes on the bay window. The basement window swings and attaches up which makes it convenient if you need to move things in and out of the basement.
Irises. There are several varieties of irises planted throughout the yard.
Some bushes planted at the back of the upper water garden.