House for Rent

Available July 1st

4 Bedrooms ~ Unfurnished

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Spring Hill Neighborhood
Phone: (202) 607-9194
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We moved to Washington, D.C. a few years ago when my wife's daughter adopted a baby. We intend to stay for a few more years and want to continue to rent out our house while we're gone. $1,375 plus utilities. Our current tenants have been there for three years but have been transferred. Above are photos showing the house furnished when we lived there.

Below are key features of the house. Photos are available here although some of the photos show the house furnished the house is unfurnished. A newspaper article about our house is available here. If you'd like to see a satellite view of the house and surroundings, click here. (it will take you away from this website). The large building across Rhine Street is a church and the one across Yetta Avenue is a nice, senior citizen's apartments.